Color by Number Freebie!

Coloring is my jam.  It is totally relaxing.  I have a strange obessession with crayons, markers, flair pens, colored pencils…I need to stop myself there.  I wanted to create an activity that care givers could do with little ones.  In this color by number, you will learn about what Sova Learning has to offer from our prompted journals also known as Genius Jounrals™ to our Kid-Lit Podcast.  Feel free to use the colors as suggestions or color outside of the lines.  Have fun!

Grab your freebie here: Color by Number Freebie

Take the Strength Assessment!

Children have different learning styles also known as Multiple Intelligences. When a child knows their learning style it increases their self-esteem and self-advocacy skills. Answer a few questions to help identify your child's area of strength.

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